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Callanetics Vs your busy Lifestyle

Finding time to exercise can be a pain in the back-side. If  like me you spend most of your time at work or out and about visiting clients you will probably be struggling to make exercising a priority. Before I started Callanetics I really did not have the time to put aside every day to keep fit. I did try but often found myself losing interest after a week or so. Mainly because I didn’t enjoy it. Going to the gym every night after work really became a drag. Often I wouldn’t arrive home until after 11pm at night. After a few weeks of doing this I thought to myself  ‘enough is enough’!

I first came across Callanetics a few years ago. I liked the idea that you could actually perform the exercises at home once you master the easy techniques. I did attend a few local Callanetics classes initially mainly because I wanted to learn exactly how to perform the exercises. I was lucky at the time because I had a friend who wanted to start learning Callanetics so I had somebody to go with. Once I had ‘mastered’ how to perform the exercises at my local class I decided to put together my own routine. Something I could do every day before work. My routine lasted only 20 – 30 minuted which enabled me to get my exercise out of the way before work. I now spend 5 – 6 mornings a week performing my Callanetics exercises (I sometimes miss a few days if I am really busy). This frees up my evenings to do more interesting things! This is the great thing Callanetics. It’s dynamic and flexible and you can fit it around any type of lifestyle. Go on, give it a go!

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