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Callanetics Warmup Exercises

Ok so you want to get started? Well, as with any exercise routine it is important that you spend a little time warming up your body. Not only does a quick warmup prevent any injuries but it also ensures that you get the best out of your exercises by preparing your muscles for more strenuous, demanding activity. Of course you can pretty much do any warmup exercises you want. I normally go for a quick jog or run for about 10 – 15 minutes before I do any of my callanetics routines. The important thing is to get your body moving and as the term ‘warm up’ suggests, make your muscles warmer and thus more flexible. You may want to play free bingo or read the newspaper, but leave that until after your callanetics routine. Your mind will be sharper, just as your body is fitter.

WARM-UP #1 This warmup involves stretching your spine by either hanging from a bar or if you don’t have a bar using a door at home. If your feet are touching the floor then simply bend your knees to your waist. Hold this position for as long as you can and then relax. Repeat this exercise two more times. You should feel nice and warmed-up at this point. Take a few mins break!

WARM-UP #2 This is a classic warmup exercise. From a standing position bend forward at the waist with your arms stretched out in front of you. Gently reach down to touch you toes (or the floor if you can manage it). Remain in that position for a few seconds and then begin to raise yourself back to the standing starting position. Repeat this exercise two more times. If your back begins to hurt, give yourself a little break between each one.

WARM-UP #3 The 3rd and final warmup exercise involves raising each knee in turn as though you are running. You need to do this is a slow and controlled manner. As you raise each knee, raise up on your toes on the opposite leg. Each knee should be raised for a count of one if possible. One foot should always be on the floor.

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