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Is Your Diet Hungry for Assistance?

First it was issues of fashion, then as we grew to understand more we realized that a slim body was essential to health. Losing weight, getting slim, staying toned and trim has become a national obsession rivaled only by our obsession with large portions of excellent foods. Enter the diet pill, diet plan, diet aid in multitudes of styles from prescriptions to herbal, pills, capsules, shakes, juices, all manner of candies, vitamins, teas. The subject has become vast and often confusing.

How They Work:

The prescriptions most often used are stimulants that seek to burn off excess fat by boosting the system to work faster. Some, like Phentermine, FenPhen, and Ephedra, have been pulled from the legitimate market due to disastrous side effects. The heart and other organs were damaged permanently and have left some people on disability, in worse health than they had been. In the worst cases, these drugs have caused death.

The candies, juices, shakes, gums and teas mainly try to give you a substitute for other foods, something to either fool the stomach into thinking it’s been fed or tricking the brain with a little sweetness. Unfortunately, artificial sweeteners used in these products often have the undesirable after effect of being a laxative. Some are much harsher than others. Sorbitol, a common ‘sugar free’ candy sweetener called a sugar alcohol, is notoriously fast acting as a laxative. With little warning and varying in how many sweets is one too many, this can be an ‘accident’ waiting to trap you.

As people are starting to investigate more of the folk medicine and herbal remedies of native cultures and often going back to the origins of some of our synthetic medications (white willow bark, which gave us aspirin; foxglove, which gave us digitalis; etc.) we are finding some plants, seeds, nuts and some of the less common meats are much better for us. Green tea, white tea, beans and most recently the grandfather of plant hunger stoppers, hoodia gordonii, which works by blocking the hunger signals all mean modern use of ancient remedies.


Hoodia Gordonii, such as found in products like Hoodia X1, Hoodia Gordonii Plus, Hoodia Balance and a host of others now on the market offer an alternative to the medical prescription route. To date there have been few, if any, harmful side effects reported on this plant used for thousands of years by the San tribesmen of the Kalahari desert. For them it’s a staple part of their hunting diet.

The herbal supplement should be carefully chosen. Look for C.I.T.E.S certificates and lab reports from the manufacturers to be certain you are getting genuine Hoodia Gordonii, legally obtained and harvested. Do discuss using this with your doctor if you have conditions like diabetes and other metabolism issues or are on medications that require certain levels of food intake.

Lastly, make certain that you get a formula that works for you. Check out the differences between the pills, liquids and the Hoodia products with additional metabolic support supplements added. Remember also that cheaper is not necessarily the way to go. Genuine Hoodia Gordonii is selling from the harvesters between $250 and $400 USD per kilo. Cheap products often contain less than optimum dosages, and some even contain no Hoodia at all. Make sure you get the genuine product.

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