Diet Pills

Using Diet Pills/Supplements Safely

Almost since people began worrying about weight and weight loss there have been pills, potions, and some rather strange notions about how to help you lose weight. Some turned out to be harsh chemical laxatives. There were even instances where people were sold tapeworms in capsules. Yes they lost weight, but they also became very sick and had to take treatments to rid their bodies of the worms.

Today, we have multiple choices from prescription drugs to ‘miracle’ foods and herbs of all sorts in teas, capsules and liquids. New ‘improved’ diet plans appear on the shelves every day. It can be confusing and frustrating just trying to find the information on products you want to learn about or even just a simple eating plan.

Supplements range from shakes and juices to the newest member to the diet scene, Hoodia Gordonii. Some of the older versions, even in the herbals, have had laxative effects that were not disclosed thoroughly. Some plants contain stimulants like ephedra and caffeine that can make you jittery. Even worse, they may cause damage to the heart.

One of the biggest news items recently has been Hoodia Gordonii, which appears to have few if any side effects, works effectively and has received a great deal of positive press. Studies are still on going on this plant but the San tribesmen of the Kalahari have used it for centuries as a part of their diet and have not reported any ill effects to the researchers.

How to Pick a Diet Aid That Works For You:

First of all, read everything you can on the products available. Avoid those who have major warnings of side effects that sound harsh. The side effects are usually worse than the warning lets you think. The words “some cramping and urgency” do not really give you the understanding of how bad the cramps will get and the urgency usually doesn’t care if you are in the middle of traffic, or the grocery store.

Being cautious is good, but it is not “enough.” Being informed about what is available is essential. You can discuss prescription medications with your doctor. Most health food and natural food stores have information on the herbal supplements. There is also the internet. Read all the news articles, search out independent product reviews and see what the labs, doctors and clients are saying about products they have used successfully or have had issues with.

Find one that seems to fit your choices and your lifestyle. If you don’t have time for sipping a cup of tea, then maybe a capsule is better for you. If you don’t like to take ‘medication’ then perhaps one of the liquid additives in a glass of water or soda would be more to your liking.

The main thing is to find one that you can and will use regularly. You don’t get results with hit and miss usage. Review the dosages as well as the method of taking the supplement. Some offer the maximum effective dose currently available, some offer a lower dose but with additional supplements to assist the metabolism.

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